Midlands Science Festival increases awareness of the value of  Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in the midlands region amongst all age groups. We celebrate science in our community in a number of ways, everything from astronomy to knitting can be explored through shows, workshops and talks.

This year’s festival includes “From Wolf To Woof, The Science Of Dogs”, “Intimacy, The Science Of Relationships”, Dinosaur Science Shows, Playground Science, Ironman Engineering, The Science Of Back To The Future and lots more. Popular  activities such as virus and cures knitting patterns for local knitters  and a Science Festival Book Club are back again this year. 

With everything from Ironman to Basset Hounds, the Midlands Science Festival is a unique opportunity to explore science through a curated programme of interactive exhibits, workshops and shows. Supported by Science Foundation and a number of partners, this year is the fifth year of the festival.