Systems medicine is a new approach which integrates biological and medical data with mathematical and computational modelling in order to understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and to develop new strategies for individualised diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Systems medicine can fill the gap between experimental data produced by modern technologies and medical knowledge.The 14 funding bodies participating in ERACoSysMed joined forces to enhance the implementation of systems biology approaches in both clinical research and medical practice throughout Europe and Israel. The challenge of establishing systems medicine in Europe is addressed by developing transnational cooperation between national ministries and funding bodies. As a common action, joint transnational calls have been implemented to demonstrate the feasibility and socio-economic benefits of systems medicine in clinical practice.


In this call, nine projects in various disease areas, namely cancer, heart, kidney, lung, liver, nervous system, intestine, colon got funded with a total budget of €12.7M.

Key dates

Call launched February 16th 2015 with a submission deadline of March 30th 2015. This call is now closed.

For more information please see the ERACoSysMed website.