In 2013 Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland’s principle science and engineering research funding agency, concluded a cooperation agreement with the National Science Foundation of USA (NSF), which allows NSF Graduate Research Fellows to carry out research visits in the Republic of Ireland. The agreement aims to strengthen the internationalization of excellent Irish researchers and to give U.S. students the opportunity to gain international experience in a research environment at the highest level.

The Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide enables NSF Graduate Research Fellows to gain international research experience and establish collaborations with counterparts at research institutions in partner countries around the world. For more information, click here.

For the 2017 scheme, potential GROW hosts in Ireland include the 12 SFI-funded Research Centres and laboratories in publically funded institutions holding certain awards from Science Foundation Ireland.

Interested NSF Graduate Research Fellows are encouraged to contact potential GROW hosts in Ireland through the relevant contact point(s) listed within these links. The contact points will receive enquiries from interested NSF candidate fellows regarding the possibility of undertaking a research project in the selected research group and will liaise with prospective candidates to provide them with the required documents that the fellows will submit to the NSF. These include:

  • A letter of collaboration that includes a plan for the stay in Ireland
  • A biographical sketch of the responsible professor/researcher at the Irish host group

Information on eligibility requirements and schedule for submitting proposals can be found on the NSF website.