The ultimate goal of JPND is to find cures for neurodegenerative diseases and to enable early diagnosis for early targeted treatments. However, it is not possible to give definitive predictions on how long this might take to happen.

In the interim, JPND has identified through its research strategy common research goals that would benefit from joint action between countries in order to accelerate progress on solutions that can alleviate the symptoms, and lessen the social and economic impact for patients, families and health care systems. There are three main components to this work: to improve the scientific understanding of the disease, improve the medical tools available to doctors to identify and treat the disease, and to improve the social care and structures available to assist patients, their families, and health service providers so that patients can receive optimum care at all stages of their illness.


The total made available for this call is €23M (from all participating countries). Under this call, each country funds their own national participants in successful collaborative proposals, according to their national budget allocation. At least 3 different EU Member States, or associated countries, are required to be involved but no more than 2 eligible partners from the same country will be accepted in one consortium.        

Ket dates

Call launched January 9th 2017 with an expression of interest (EoI) deadline of February 20th 2017 and a pre-proposal deadline of March 6th 2017. This call is now closed.

For more information please see the JPND Research website.

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