Joint programming will contribute significantly to the construction of a fully operational European Research Area on the prevention of diet-related diseases and strengthen leadership and competitiveness of the food industry by effectively integrating research in the food-, nutritional-, social- and health sciences to increase knowledge and deliver innovative, novel and improved concepts. This network of researchers, carrying out studies at pan-European and international level, will establish a critical mass of expertise necessary in this research area, allowing excellent science, sharing of standardised and innovative measures and research infrastructures, as well as training of young scientists in the field of Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health (BioNH).


ERA-HDHL aims to provide a robust platform for implementing joint funding actions (JFAs) that address the needs identified in the JPI HDHL strategic research agenda and strengthen the research funding activities of JPI HDHL with a total funding pool for this call of €15.6M.

Key dates

Call launched on February 2016 with a pre-proposal deadline of April 19th 2016. This call is now closed.

For for information please see the Healthy Diet for Healthy Life website.