The National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin are hosting a Plant Science Festival to investigate and celebrate plant science. Join us during the week of the festival for talks, demonstrations, workshops and interactive experiments.  

Do you want to know about the diversity of plants from tiny seeds to towering trees? How plants work and what technology we use to investigate how plants as planetary engineers have moulded our world? Find out about the ingenious adaptations that have evolved in the plant world. Or how about some tea and chocolate? We will have a talk on tea with a tea ceremony and tea tasting. We will also have a talk on chocolate and maybe some tasting at that too! Find out what is the difference between a moss and a liverwort and then make your own terrarium using some lush green mosses. Find out how we can use 200 year old dried plant specimens to inform us about the past and then try your hand at extracting data from these specimens to add to a national initiative of digitising over 600,000 specimens. There will be art workshops using plant pigments and a botanical art workshop. Our careers day on Friday the 18th of November will showcase plant science and plant science careers and we invite secondary school students in particular for this day. We will have demonstrations of experiments and technologies used in plant science. On Saturday 19th, we will have two experiments in the gardens where families will be encouraged to investigate how plant leaves adapt to the environment they are in. Join our staff on the Bark Life or Biomimicry tours or just come along and see what is happening. There will be something for everyone.