Featured Events

Andri Snær Magnason talks Climate Change

Date: 21/11/2019

Time: 7.30pm

Location: O'Flaherty Theatre, NUI Galway

Booking: Click here

Icelandic climate activist and award-winning author Andri Snær Magnason talks about the destruction of glaciers due to Climate Change.

During the next 100 years, we expect to see a fundamental change of all the elements of water on our planet. Many glaciers will melt and the sea levels will rise at a faster rate than has been seen before. Acidification will bring the oceans to a pH level not seen in 30 million years. Patterns of rain and snow will change dramatically in most areas. We could say that nature is not changing in geological speed anymore but entering human speed. This extreme shift is larger than any metaphor or any words or language we are used to. Just like the huge gravity of a black hole makes it invisible, you could say that this issue is so large that it swallows all words and meaning.

We hear words like “climate change” but for most people, they are just white noise, 99% of the real meaning is not included in our imagination. To describe a black hole you look at the surrounding galaxies and to understand these issues Andri weaves a web of stories from mythology, to his grandmother’s honeymoon on Europe’s largest glacier, to our understanding of our intimate time.

Exhibition Day

Sunday 24th Nov, 2019 in NUI Galway

A fantastic one day celebration and promotion of STEAM at NUI Galway. Over 80 interactive stands, 30 shows and workshops and much much more. Lego, Chemistry, DNA, teddy bear hospital, star domes, animation to name but a few. Not to be missed!

Tickets available to book from Saturday 16th November!

Alice Perry Open Data Hackathon

The goal of the competition is to allow participants the opportunity to identify and code new app concepts using data from www.data.gov.ie and other data portals. The concepts will provide a societal benefit and have a positive impact on citizens. The theme for this year is ‘Climate Action and Circular Economy.’

The hackathon will take place in NUI Galway in November. Cash prizes along with the Alice Perry Trophy will be awarded.

8 November 2019: Registration for the Hackathon via Eventbrite only on, or before, the above date:

16 November 2019: Alice Perry Hackathon.

Who can take part?

All full/part time third level students in the Republic of Ireland. Teams of 4 max. from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.


The Galway Science & Technology Festival is Ireland's leading premier event for the promotion of STEAM.

The Festival is now in its 22nd year – which comprises of a two-week celebration and promotion of STEAM, as part of SFI's National Science Week and culminating in the Festival’s major Exhibition Day at NUI Galway. The Festival has grown over the years to be the preeminent STEAM event in the West of Ireland, and a key feature on the national STEAM calendar.

The main aim of the Festival is to nurture an interest in STEAM subjects from when students first start national school right up to when they are completing secondary school and considering applications to third-level study. It also aims to communicate widely to the general public on the relevance of STEAM to everyday lives and society. It is not to be missed.

If you or your company are interested in getting involved, please email us on info@galwayscience.ie