As part of the project, five unique STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) school resources have been developed in collaboration between the DPSM programme, SFI Research Centres and Artists.

This booklet will introduce teachers and learners to cutting edge research in a way that integrates the STEAM Art Collaboration with the SESE curriculum and the Visual Arts Curriculum. The aim is to inspire learners to explore the linkages between art and STEM and to experiment with how they work hand-in-hand. These STEAM resources are designed to be used alongside the artworks.

The five resources included are:

  • APC Microbiome X Shevaun Doherty – The Invisible Made Visible: Exploring PCR Testing
  • FutureNeuro X David Beattie – Shifting Patterns of Light: Uncovering How Our Brains Work
  • iCRAG X 1iing Heaney – Caibleadh: Discovering Our Oceans
  • Lero X Peter Nash – Machine’s Eye View: How do self-driving cars make decisions?
  • CONNECT Centre X Ed Devane – Rotation Relay: How communications work using Space

SFI STEAM School Resources

Primary Schools Competition

We want you to showcase your creativity!

Think of your favourite science, technology engineering or maths topic. Using an art medium of your choice (drawing, painting, sculpture, film sound/music, printmaking, photography) create an artwork that explores your favourite topic.

Ask a teacher or parent to take a photo/film/video of your work and send it into

The closing date is September 30th 2021.

All entries must be sent in by email by an adult on behalf of the learner entering the competition.