2017 Science Week Primary Resource Activities

Heat Transfer and Insulators

2017 Science Week Primary Resource Activity

In the Heat Transfer and Insulators DPSM/ESERO themed framework, pupils investigate aspects of heat transfer and discover that energy can be transferred.  They get the opportunity to recognise a range of sources of heat and use thermometers to measure and compare temperatures in different places. They explore reasons for temperature variations and investigate ways of keeping things warm or cool. They then apply what they have learned to investigating the implications for global warming and its effects on sea levels and our climate.

Heat Transfer and Insulators 2017 pdf

Value of Vaccines Video

2017 Science Week Primary Resource Activity

Vaccines are important medicines that prevent infectious disease in communities around the world and allow us to live healthier lives. Watch this video to learn what a vaccine is, how vaccines work, how vaccines are made and why we need them! Make sure to watch until the end to take a quiz and test your vaccines knowledge!

Download and watch the video here.

2017 Science Week Secondary Resource Activities

For Science Week 2017 why not try out some of these experiments from the Education and Public Engagement team at the SFI Research Centre SSPC.

Don’t forget to highlight the opportunities for careers in STEM with your students, there are lots of resources on careers in STEM available  on our Smart Futures website here.


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