The current SFI Strategy, Agenda2020 has served Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) well. It is now time for a new strategy beyond 2020.   

Agenda2020 was developed in 2012 and despite the adverse economic circumstances of the time, it set out four highly ambitious pillars – a focus on research excellence, building partnerships with enterprise and other research funders, engagement with the public, and to be a lean, efficient and agile public agency. Performance against the strategy is measured twice every year and actions taken where necessary. You can find out further information about Agenda2020 here.

SFI is engaged in a wide-ranging consultation process as part of the development of the next SFI strategy for 2020-2025. The process is being led by deputy director general Dr Ciarán Seoighe and the Strategy Team at SFI.  

Our new Strategy


In developing this new strategy, we are consulting widely with many stakeholders to get ideas on what would best serve Ireland and the research system as we look towards 2025. The process includes extensive data gathering, workshopping and brainstorming ideas with our stakeholders, and then taking an iterative approach to the analysis and synthesis of the data. A draft strategy document will be developed and brought back out to consultation in February or March.

To find out more about the consultation process, the timeline for the strategy development, and how you can continue to help us develop the SFI strategy where we promote the potential that research and discovery offers Ireland, in today and tomorrow’s world, go to the How to engage page.

To find out the latest news and updates please see the Strategy Development Update page.

Please visit the Further information page to learn more about the current strategy, Agenda 2020, and Science Foundation Ireland’s performance and successes to date.