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Research Databases


A one-stop resource for finding funds for training in the biomedical sciences and for undergraduate science education.  

International Grants Finder 

A free service offered by the Nature Publishing Group for locating postgraduate and professional grants available in the scientific fields world-wide.

Provides general research information and listings of funding available. 

The Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences

Provides external funding sources, including deadlines for grants, fellowships, awards, and competitions. 

The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation

Awards annual scholarships to individuals of great potential or excellence in various fields of an academic or non-academic context. The Scholarship Committee welcomes applications from more mature students, those from non-traditional backgrounds, and those seeking funding for cross-disciplinary projects that might not fall readily into conventional funding categories. 

DCU Genius - Research Support System 

Searchable knowledge management system at Dublin City University, providing comprehensive information on research staff at the university, including details of consultancies and other research output (publications etc.).  

Find a PhD

Offers a comprehensive guide to scientific and Ph.D. studentships available in the UK and Ireland, especially in the life sciences, and includes details on research positions in major universities and institutions.  

Provides an exhaustive list of Call for Papers in all areas of specialisation, especially the sciences. It also provides details on research positions available at universities, R&D institutions, industry laboratories, and companies. 

Community of Science 

A comprehensive link to research funding opportunities and researchers around the globe that is updated daily. Membership required. 

Research Councils UK 

Provides information about all UK research councils, including funding opportunities, UK research activities, and links to related information. 

Find a Post-Doc

The sister site of, and is exclusively dedicated to advertising post-doctorial positions.

Life Sciences Mobility Portal