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INFANT - Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research

INFANT is Ireland’s first dedicated perinatal research centre. The centre’s mission is to make pregnancy safer and to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies worldwide. The world-class, multi-disciplinary collaborative research and an array of industry partnerships make INFANT an international leader of discovery and innovation in perinatal healthcare.

Research Areas

INFANT is committed to innovative, life-changing research and technology that will attract investment and reduce the impact of perinatal disease over the coming decades.
Across pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood, INFANT is solving challenges through its key research themes.

  • Metabolomics: biomarkers for screening and diagnostics
  • Physiological monitoring
  • Perinatal clinical trials
  • Maternal and infant nutrition
  • Medical devices
  • Connected health
  • Epidemiology

Research programmes

With active project grants worth €30 million, INFANT has approximately 100 staff working to address unmet worldwide clinical needs for pregnant women and newborn babies. They are working to develop screening tests for pre-eclampsia, preterm birth, fetal growth restrictions and conducting research on maternal and infant nutrition, hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) and asphyxia at birth.

Academic partners

Industry and commercialisation

INFANT gives its industry partners access to world-first technologies, enabling them to deliver innovative solutions to global markets.

Industry partners include:

 Alere  Fresenius-Kabi  Mead Johnson Nutrition
Axxam  IBM  MedSciNet 
BioScreen Health  Incereb  Metabolomic Diagnostics 
BrepCo Pharmaceutical  Inspiration Healthcare  Newsweaver 
Créme Global  Kvikna  Nihon Kohden 
Danone Nutricia  Laya Healthcare   Waters Corporation


  • Uniquely located within Cork University Maternity Hospital, Europe’s second busiest maternity unit, with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Biobank, the largest pregnancy/infant biobank in the world, with over 2 million aliquots of blood, serum, DNA and other tissue
  • Extensive databases, managed and curated to meet and surpass all international standards
  • Sample preparation facilities
  • Mass spectrometry facilities
  • Dedicated assessment rooms for neurodevelopmental and physical follow-up studies

Education and Public Engagement 

Through its programme of engagement activities INFANT is actively encouraging positive attitudes towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). INFANT offers a wide variety of free activities for a range of audiences, including young children, online audiences, primary and post primary audiences, and general audiences at both non-science and STEM events. INFANT currently offers three hands-on workshops:

  • Bloody Detectives: hands on biobanking workshop
  • Electric Brains: EEG monitoring workshop
  • Speaking in Code: hands on coding workshop for very young children (3-6 years).

Key Contacts

Prof Louise Kenny - Centre Co-director
Louise Kenny is Professor of Obstetrics at UCC, a consultant obstetrician and part of the perinatal medicine team at Cork University Maternity Hospital. Her work has resulted in three patent applications relating to pregnancy biomarkers and more than 100 peer-reviewed original papers, reviews and book chapters. Professor Kenny leads the pregnancy research activity at INFANT.

Prof Geraldine Boylan - Centre Co-director
Geraldine Boylan is Professor of Neonatal Physiology at UCC. She has written dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers, and contributed chapters to eight books. Professor Boylan leads the neonatal brain research activity at INFANT.

Josephine Studham- Head of Operations

Christian Stafford- Head of Business Development

Ria O'Sullivan-Lago - Education and Public Engagement Officer


5th floor
Cork University Maternity Hospital
+ 353 21 4205023

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