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SFI Researcher Database

The SFI Researcher Database provides a facility to search for SFI funded researchers by name, award type, year, institution, industry sector and/or scientific category. The database contains over 2,000 records.  All scientific research awards* are included both active and in-active. In general SFI awards are for a period of 3-5 years depending on the programme, therefore awards funded prior to 2006 would no-longer be active.

There is a “Research Snapshot” attached as a download to the majority of awards in the database.  This download provides an overview of the researchers work.  SFI researchers may have held a number of awards over the years (PI, RFP, etc.) and some of these will be inactive (compete) and others will be active. The Snapshot is linked to all awards but the content is focused on the current work of the researcher.

For full details of the requirements for SFI programmes please click here to link to the Funding Section of the website.

Note: To search please click the search button – do not use the enter/return key on the keyboard.

Click here to access the Researcher Database


The database includes awards under the following programmes 

  • Centre for Science Engineering & Technology (CSET)
  • Charles Parsons Energy Research Awards
  • ETS Walton Visitor Award 
  • US Ireland R&D Partnership 
  • President of Ireland Young Researcher Award (PIYRA)
  • Principal Investigator Programme (PI)
  • Research Frontiers Programme (RFP)
  • SFI Engineering Professorship and Lectureship 
  • SFI Mathematics Initiative 
  • SFI Research Professor Recruitment Award
  • SFI Stokes Professorship and Lectureship Programme 
  • Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG)
  • Strategic Research Cluster (SRC)
  • Technology and Innovation Development Award (TIDA)