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SFI Impact Webinar

Each year the Irish Government spends a significant amount of public funds on scientific research, training and development. As with all public spending it is both desirable and necessary to show value for money and within this to demonstrate and articulate the economic, social and cultural benefits of scientific research projects to the wider society.

The following webinar is designed to assist applicants to SFI Programme calls in formulating their impact statement. Impact can be described as the “demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy”. Scientific excellence of both the applicant(s) and the research programme is both necessary and paramount, but is not sufficient; applicants must also demonstrate the potential impact arising as a result of the programme of research.

Applicants are asked to give thoughtful consideration in relation to how the proposed research will deliver impact with emphasis on the pathways to impact as well as the milestones and deliverables within the project duration and beyond. We hope that this impact webinar will be a useful resource when planning your impact statement as part of an application to an SFI programme.

Please click here to access the Impact webinar.

A pdf of this presentation can be found here.

For further information on impact, please see .