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Case Studies

Case Studies are not impact statements. They are examples of the impact possible after years of investment. The Case Studies showcase longer-term impact generated from the scientific research community. Society reaps many benefits from excellent research, some of which occur immediately, while others develop over years or generations. This repository of Case Studies will show examples from a wide spectrum of endeavour over a wide range of impact categories - Economic and Commercial, Societal, Health and Wellbeing, Environmental, International Engagement, Human Capacity, Public Policy, Services and Regulation and Professional Services.

Each case study will outline how a researcher or group used their knowledge and research ideas to help change the world. Each one will contain the challenge the researcher faced, the response of the researcher to that challenge, the engagement they had with other academics, industry and/or agencies, the impact generated from their work and the next steps they plan to take. 

Significant Breakthrough in Battery Technology
Transforming ICT Education in Ireland
World-First Graphene Innovation