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SFI Reporting Procedures

SFI has stringent requirements for reporting on the awards that it makes. Awardees that fail to comply with these reporting requirements run the risk of having their grant payments suspended and/or the processing of any applications under review in other SFI Programme funding calls paused, until their reporting status is rectified.

It is therefore extremely important that you take the time to review the following information which summarises the reporting requirements relating to all SFI awards and observe that which is relevant to your award(s).

SFI reporting procedures are detailed below, and user guides and webinars describing SESAME and the entry of data into the Research Profile are available elsewhere on the SFI website.

Reporting on SFI awards is used to monitor the progress of individual awards against the overall objectives of the Programme under which the award is made and associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as set out in SFI’s Strategic Plan, Agenda 2020.

  • The SFI Grants and Awards Management System, SESAME, is the primary conduit for all SFI reporting.
  • SFI reporting is inclusive of completion of the annual stocktake of SFI Research Outputs, annual/final reporting, and the completion of a Researcher Snapshot [1]
  • The SFI Research Outputs are drawn directly from the data entered into the SESAME Research Profile, which must be completed by all SFI award holders in January each year.
  • A Researcher Snapshot must also be completed in SESAME as part of your reporting requirements[2]; this must be up-to-date and available for publication on the SFI website in January each year. Guidelines for the completion of the Researcher Snapshot can be found here.
  • A number of report templates, aligned with specific SFI programmes, are available on SESAME. Researchers are requested to submit their annual reports by 31st January of each active year of the award, to report on progress during the previous calendar year period (January – December). Researchers are also required to submit a final report within 3 months of the end date of the award.
  • A small cohort of awards, including those made under the Research Centres Programme, do not report using a SESAME-based template. The guidelines for reporting and associated deadlines for these awards are described below.  
  • We recommend that you complete your Research Profile prior to completing your annual report, since this will ensure that data entry is not duplicated.

Frequency of Reporting

Awardees are required to submit an annual report every January as long as the award is active. Awardees are also required to submit a final report 3 months after the end date of the award. The final year report should capture all progress and outputs since the previous report. This final standard report is the same as the annual standard report except for an additional table at the end which enables researchers to provide a summary of all outputs achieved for the full duration of the award. For the majority of awards, both annual and final reports are required. However, for shorter term awards, such as Conference &Workshops (C&W), a single report only is required. Please consult the relevant programme reporting guidelines below for more detail.

Reporting Templates

Reporting templates for the vast majority of SFI programmes are available on SESAME and should be completed therein. Researchers will be notified through automatic reminders from SESAME when they are required to submit their annual and final reports. The steps required to submit annual and final reports via SESAME are outlined in Module 11 of the Researcher User Guide for SESAME Award Management System. Detailed guidelines and background information on all report templates are described below.

Standard Annual/Final Report Template

The Standard Report Template, which is available on SESAME, is used for a number of SFI programmes, including the following:

  • Investigator Programme, Principal Investigator (PI), Principal Investigator Career Advancement Award (PICA), Investigator Project and Investigator Award (IvP)
  • President of Ireland Young Researcher Award (PIYRA), President of Ireland Future Research Leaders
  • Research Professorship Programme
  • Charles Parsons Energy Research Award
  • Research Frontiers Programme
  • ERC Development Programme
  • SFI-Pfizer Biotherapeutics Innovation Award Programme
  • Strategic Partnership Programme [3]

Additional guidance for SFI-DEL Investigator Programme awardees can be found here.

The following awards use the Standard Report Template but also require some additional documentation which must be submitted with the annual/final report. For example, in the case of the US-Ireland programme, additional information from Northern Ireland and US partners must be uploaded. In the case of the SIRG programme, a mentor support letter is also required. Additional guidelines can be downloaded for the following programmes at the links provided:

Detailed guidelines on the Standard Report Template can be found here standard reporting guidelines. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact before proceeding with report submission. For any queries relating to SESAME, including the completion of the Research Profile, please contact

Bespoke Annual/Final Report Templates

A number of bespoke SESAME report templates are available to accommodate a number of programmes. Guidelines specific to each of these templates can be accessed through the links below: 

Reports for awards of scale are submitted through an upload function on SESAME. Guidelines specific to each of these awards can be accessed through the links below.

Progress against awards made under the Spokes Programme should be reported on through the relevant Research Centre award. Awards made under the Advance Award and Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) programmes should be reported on through the relevant parent award.

For other awards made under a Competitive Joint Funding Partnership Programme that are not covered in the above guidance, the following guidance should be noted. Where an award is made with a partner agency as lead, a report WILL NOT be submitted via SESAME. Such programmes include the HRB-SFI Translational Research Award (TRA) Programme, the Royal Society – SFI University Research Fellowship Programme and the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership. Recipients of awards made under these programmes are required to complete a Research Profile in SESAME as part of the annual stocktake of SFI Research Outputs, and a Researcher Snapshot.

Finally, for reporting guidelines relating to the Research Infrastructures programme, please contact If you are involved with a programme which is not listed above and have concerns about reporting procedures, please contact for further clarification.

[1] C&W awardees who do not hold other SFI awards are not required to complete the annual stocktake of SFI Research Outputs or a Researcher Snapshot.

[2] Researcher Snapshots for awards of scale, e.g. Research Centres, CSETs, and SRCs, will not be submitted via SESAME.

[3] Awardees under the Strategic Partnership Programme should complete the Standard Report Template unless otherwise advised. Bespoke reporting guidelines may apply to awards made under this programme, depending on the scale of the award.