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Sabbatical Policy

SFI supports the use of sabbaticals by SFI funded researchers. However, there are strict conditions attached to maintaining an SFI grant when engaging in a sabbatical.   If the grant holder AND host research body wishes to maintain an SFI grant whilst on sabbatical the grant holder AND research body must jointly, in writing, (a) inform SFI in advance, and (b) construct a detailed management plan on how to manage/run SFI grant whilst on sabbatical. This plan must be submitted jointly by the grant holder/research body well in advance of the proposed sabbatical and approved by SFI. Failure to comply with this policy in full will result in suspension of the grant and possible grant termination. It is the responsibility of the grant holder AND the research body to contact  SFI in sufficient time to allow the sabbatical application process conclude in a reasonable and timely manner. For example, SFI may choose to implement a review procedure to establish progress/status on a grant where a sabbatical is proposed, and hence an appropriate time interval is required.

The sabbatical management plan proposal must contain details of the following:

  • Scientific leadership of research
  • Financial accountability/responsibility for the grant
  • Mentorship of students and other team members
  • Timelines of proposed sabbatical (including reintegration post-sabbatical)
  • A detailed revised work plan for the research for the remainder of the grant (including staffing arrangements, budgets etc.)
  • Escalation procedures during sabbatical
  • Other pertinent details
  • Sign off of both the grant holder and research body vice president of research required

Please contact your Scientific Programme Manager if you are considering taking a sabbatical whilst holding a SFI grant. It is the responsibility of the grant holder/research body to contact SFI in sufficient time to allow the above process conclude in a reasonable manner.