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No Cost Extensions

SFI may authorise a one-time extension of the expiration date of a grant if additional time beyond the Letter of Offer Award End Date is required to assure completion of the original scientific scope of work within the funds already made available. Usually this no-cost extension (NCE) will be granted for up to 6 months, but additional time may be granted if justified and warranted.

A request for NCE should be made when there are typically 3-6 months remaining on the award to allow for appropriate and timely planning but SFI will accept applications outside of this time frame if required by the Award Holder.

The award holders should request a NCE for all awards using SESAME, the new SFI Grants Management system.

Procedures for processing a NCE.

The Award Holder generates the NCE request using SESAME. All requests for a NCE must be approved by the Finance and Research Office of the Host Institution via SESAME. The Research office submits the NCE request to SFI for processing. Any NCE request must be approved by an SFI Programme Officer and by the SFI Finance and Operations Office. All approvals will be processed using SESAME. As appropriate, if approval is granted, notification will be sent on-line to the Award Holder, the Finance office and Research office of the Host Institution.

There is a SESAME user guide for Researchers on the SFI Website to assist Researchers on using SESAME.

Module 11 of the Researcher User Guide for SESAME Award Management System for completing NCE. Please click here.

Please note that the SFI Terms and Conditions of the original grant approval still apply during the period of No Cost Extension.

The following information should be provided when applying for a No Cost Extension:

  1. Justification for Extension: a strong scientific rationale explaining the need for the extension period. The fact that funds may remain at the expiration of the grant is not in itself sufficient justification for an extension. The plan must adhere to the previously approved objectives of the project.
  2. Projected funds remaining after the current expiration date: budget figures should be provided which accurately record the level of funding projected to be remaining after the current expiration date on the award.
  3. Spend plan during period of extension: an outline of the proposed budget breakdown into categories salary, equipment, materials & consumable, and travel during the requested period of extension. Please note that a request can be made to move funds from their existing category but any such request must be made via a Budget Reallocation Request submitted on SESAME.

Please note that the SFI Terms and Conditions of the original grant approval still apply during the period of No Cost Extension.

Once a NCE is approved for an award, written approval will specify a new expiration date and will be communicated by  e-mail to the researcher , the Finance and Research Offices of the Host Institution. Grantees are cautioned not to make new commitments or incur new expenditures after the original expiration date in anticipation of a No Cost Extension.

Any questions in advance of submitting a No Cost Extension Request should be directed to the SFI Scientific Programme Manager managing the award.