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SFI Grant Budget Policy

Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI’s) Grant Budget Policy (GBP) describes budgetary requirements in relation to both the submission of grant applications for review and the management of funded award budgets. 

SFI acknowledges that, following award, the approved budget may need to be modified over time.  Therefore, it is recognised that a certain degree of flexibility in the design of revised budgets is required in order to best achieve the objectives of the funded research programme. Budget revisions may be permitted provided that they are appropriately justified within the terms of the corresponding Letter of Offer, SFI Terms and Conditions of Research Grants, SFI Policy on Budget Reallocations and other relevant SFI policies. 

This Grant Budget Policy (version July 2016) replaces the previously named “Grant Application Budget Policy (GABP)”.  In any live Call Documents where the GABP is referenced, this revised policy will now apply. 

This policy will take immediate effect. However, in recognition of the transition to this revised policy and the fact that grant applications to rolling calls may be at an advanced stage of preparation or applications may be under review, these applications will be reviewed as normal and any budget revisions required will be handled on a case-by-case basis where proposals are recommended for funding.

SFI Grant Budget Policy: View the policy in PDF format.

SFI Team Member Budget Scales:  Revised salary contribution scales reflect the Haddington Road and Lansdowne Road Agreements and are to apply to all grant applications, effective from July 11th 2016. These updates have resulted in a single scale which no longer differentiates between existing and new entrants.

SFI Team Member Budget Scales are available here.

SFI Approved Access Charge Plans: Available here


When preparing you grant proposal, please read the Grant Budget Policy closely to ensure your application is fully compliant with the GBP.


Last Updated July 2016.