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Budget Reallocations

SFI may authorise a budget reallocation of the approved budget to assure successful completion of the original scientific objectives of a funded programme. A budget reallocation is not required to be submitted to SFI where the following reallocations of the approved budget are proposed:

(a)   The Researcher wishes to move funds between the categories Staff, Consumables and Travel, up to a value of €20,000 of the calendar year allocation for each category.

(b)   The Researcher wishes to move funds between calendar years up to a value of €20,000, based on the total budget for all categories in each calendar year.

A budget allocation is, however, required to be submitted  to SFI where the following reallocations of the approved budget are proposed:

(c)    Moving amounts in excess of €20,000 to or from any category, or to or from any calendar year must be requested through the submission of a Budget Reallocation Request and must have the prior written approval of the Foundation.

(d)   Movement of any funds to or from the Equipment category.


Any budget reallocation must be clearly justified in the context of the scientific goals of the funded programme and must not exceed the direct costs budget approved in the Letter of Offer or extend past the approved expiry date of the award.

A request for a budget reallocation should be made prior to committing or incurring expenditure, in excess of that allowed in the Letter of Offer. All requests for Budget Reallocations must be submitted on-line using SESAME, the SFI Grants Management system. The Award Holder generates the budget reallocation request using SESAME. All requests for a Budget reallocation must be approved by the Finance and Research Office of the Host Institution via SESAME. The Research office submits the Budget Reallocation request to SFI for processing. All Budget Reallocation request must be approved by an SFI Programme Officer and by the SFI Finance and Operations Office. All approvals will be processed using SESAME.

Module 11 of the Researcher User Guide for SESAME Award Management System for completing Budget Reallocations. Please click here..

Please note that the SFI Terms and Conditions of the original grant approval will still apply.

Once approval is granted, notification will be sent by e-mail  to the Award Holder, the Finance office and Research office of the Host Institution.

Grantees are cautioned not to make commitments or incur expenditures in the Category or Year to which you wish to reallocate funds, in excess of those allowed in your Letter of Offer, in anticipation of a Budget Reallocation being approved.

Any questions in advance of submitting a Budget Reallocation should be directed to the SFI Programme Officer managing the award.