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Open Calls

SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership

  Summary  The vision of the Wellcome Trust, the UK-based global charity, is to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. This…

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SFI Research Professorship Programme

Programme Overview Attracting outstanding research talent to Ireland is one of the principal ambitions of SFI. The recruitment of iconic scientists and…

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SFI Conferences and Workshops

SFI Conference and Workshop The purpose of the SFI Conference and Workshop programme is to facilitate international and national conferences and workshops…

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SFI Partnerships

A key goal within SFI’s Agenda 2020 strategy is to build strategic partnerships that fund excellent science and drive it out into the market and society.…

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EMBO-SFI Workshops Partnership

                      SFI and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), within the framework of the SFI Conferences & Workshops Programme, and…

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