ERC funding schemes

There are three core ERC funding schemes.

Starting grants

  • Aimed at early-career investigators with 2–7 years of experience beyond their PhD with proven potential for research independence and evidence of scientific maturity
  • Provides up to €2 million funding over a duration of 5 years

Consolidator grant

  • Aimed at investigators building an independent career with 7–12 years of experience beyond their PhD who can demonstrate a promising track-record of early career achievements
  • Provides up to €2.75 million funding over 5 years

Advanced grant

  • Aimed primarily at well-established independent investigators
  • Supports ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in the respective research field
  • Provides up to €3.5 million funding over 5 years

Additionally, the ERC offers two minor funding schemes.

Proof of concept

  • Open to researchers who have already been awarded an ERC grant
  • Helps grant-holders bridge the gap between their research and the earliest stage of a marketable innovation
  • Provides up to €150,000 funding over 18 months

Synergy grant (no call planned for 2015)

  • Aimed at groups of 2–4 collaborating Principal Investigators and their teams
  • Usually supports interdisciplinary groups, which use multidisciplinary approaches to jointly address research problems
  • Provides up to €15 million funding over 6 years

Related SFI funding schemes

Given the strong focus of SFI on funding excellent and impactful research, SFI investigators are ideally placed to compete for and win European funding, including through the ERC. SFI is committed in its support and encouragement of Irish-based researchers and their host institutions to ensure the continuing success of Irish applications to the ERC:

SFI ERC support programme (following revision in Q1 2015)

  • Assists Host Institutions by providing additional overhead support for ERC awardees
  • Provides €150,000 where the ERC award was won in an Irish eligible research body
  • Now also offers significant overhead support to institutions recruiting ERC awardees from overseas
  • Funding will be based upon which ERC scheme the awardee was successful in, and the time remaining on the ERC award

SFI ERC development programme

  • Aimed at researchers that have recently submitted a proposal to the ERC and who have been deemed fundable but were ultimately not funded due to a lack of available programme budget

Other available funding

Enterprise Ireland offers financial support for Irish-based researchers who intend to apply to an EU funding scheme. More information about this support grant can be found here.