Featured Events

James Soper, Juggling Scientist, The REAL Science of the Circus

Saturday 10th November, 13:00-15:00, Theatre Royal, Waterford

The Real Science of the Circus is a live science show like no other. Performed by James Soper, the juggling scientist, the show is a spectacular combination of top quality circus skill and science education. Spectacular juggling and balancing tricks are used together with lots of volunteer help to show how forces work and combine when real circus performers show off their skill.

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It takes guts

Wednesday 14th November, 15:30, Loughboy Library Kilkenny

Follow the journey of your food into your mouth, through the acid bath in your stomach, along metre after metre of pulsating guts, and then… out the other end! This show, featuring video footage of people's inside, is a gross, squirm-inducing demonstration of why exactly your poo is brown.

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Bubblz The Mathematical Clown

Monday 12th November, 16:00, Carrick-on-Suir Library Tipperary

Caroline Ainslie - aka Bubblz the Mathematical Clown - brings laughter and games to rich mathematical activities. In an audience engaging show Caroline covers topics such as shape, space, problem solving and mathematical thinking. All activities involve either giant balloon shapes or soap bubbles.

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The Southeast Science Festival offers a large variety of shows for children, families and schools, presentations and lectures on more serious issues, hands-on workshops, interactive demonstrations and more. Top scientists and science presenters from the Southeast, Ireland and abroad come together to inspire and encourage children, families and the general public to explore different areas of science. Schools, families and all interested are invited to join the Southeast Science Festival.