Precious Planet

Mon 12th November 2018, 7:00pm-9:00pm, L1117, Haughton Building,  Institute of Technology Carlow            

Our Earth, a living entity in her own right, captures energy from the sun and with the help of water maintains climate stability and provides a comfortable home for the numerous and diverse life forms on it. The Eureka Science Festival acknowledges the tremendous significance of Earth to sustain life as we know it and will explore fascinating and elegant aspects of life and nature on our precious planet.

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Space, the final frontier?


Tues 13th November 2018, 2:00pm-4:00pm, L1117, Haughton Building,  Institute of Technology Carlow            

From the earliest of times humankind has looked up at the sky in wonder. Original concepts of wanderers and celestial spheres have been replaced with a deeper understanding. Today’s space missions explore the depths of space and time and ground missions like Irelands own I-LOFAR are delving into the unexplored universe broadening the horizon of knowledge and offering us new insights. At Eureka 2018 we will for the first time bring you exquisite presentations and interactive events by leading astrophysicists from Ireland. A moment with us will expand your horizons forever.

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Celebrating Women in Engineering

Wed 14th November 2018, 10:00am-12:00pm, Institute of Technology Carlow            

Join us in a discussion with women who are leaders in engineering in Ireland.  This event will bring together successful female engineers who will present their own experiences and what inspired them to consider engineering as a career. As influencers, they will discuss how they are strong advocates for creating more opportunities for the next generation of female engineers.                        

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EUREKA is a new, fun and interactive Science and Technology Festival for Carlow and neighbouring counties. This festival has been established to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics, subjects and career opportunities to various demographic groups. A wide range of events and activities is planned for Science Week, which will be formally launched on Monday 13th of November, these include, active learning workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, interactive seminars, STEM themed cakes, debates and fireworks. This festival is the result of a strategic collaboration between the Institute of Technology Carlow, Carlow Museum and the County Library in Carlow. It will become a flagship STEM calendar event for the region, which will use innovative outreach methods to promote interest and discourse in STEM subjects and topics for young and old alike. The festival is kindly supported by Science Foundation Ireland.