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Towards 2016

Towards 2016 is a social partnership agreement covering the period 2007-2015. This was developed by Government in association with the social partners and sets out a series of key commitments to improve and modernise services in the public sector.

The SFI Action Plan (available to download below) outlines the commitment to progress the modernisation agenda over the term of the Towards 2016 Agreement. The plan was drafted by SFI management in consultation with staff. It has been agreed with SIPTU and has been approved by the Civil Service Performance Verification Group.

The Action Plan sets out how SFI plans to continue to develop and promote a modern, efficient and effective business approach to enable us to meet our clients needs. The key themes underpinning our Action Plan are as follows:

  • Team Working and Cross functional working;
  • New Technology and Egovernment Modernisation and
  • Flexibility 

SFI is committed to achieving progress on the action plan items and progress reports will be issued on this site.

SFI Action Plan

Towards 2016 Action Plan (pdf)

SFI Progress Reports

Towards 2016 1st Progress Report, June 2007 (pdf)
Towards 2016 2nd Progress Report, March 2008 (pdf)
Towards 2016 3rd and Final Progress Report, September 2008(pdf)